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Friday, December 24, 2010

Berhati-hati berkongsi capaian internet milik anda

Sila baca berita di bawah dan cuba bayangkan kemungkinan-kemungkinan bagaimana niat baik anda berkongsi capaian internet mungkin disalahgunakan. Juga pastikan capaian Wi-Fi anda telah mempunyai encryption password untuk tujuan keselamatan. Lebih baik anda lakukannya krn yg mempunyai encryption password spt WEP dan WPA pun boleh dicerobohi. Jadi, berhati-hatilah jika ingin jadikan Wi-Fi anda sbg capaian publik. Niat baik anda sangat berkemungkinan untuk disalahgunakan dgn pelbagai cara dan tujuan yang tidak baik.

IDG News Service - A Blaine, Minn., man has pleaded guilty to charges that he hacked into his neighbor's Wi-Fi connection to e-mail death threats and child pornography, apparently with the intention of causing trouble for the unsuspecting neighbor.
Barry Vincent Ardolf, 45, pleaded guilty last week to charges of hacking, identity theft, possession of child pornography and making threats to Vice President Joe Biden. According to prosecutors, he used the Aircrack Wi-Fi cracking software to gain access to his neighbor's WEP-encrypted network. He then created Yahoo and MySpace accounts in his victim's name and launched a campaign to embarrass and cause legal troubles for the neighbor.He used the Yahoo account to mail child pornography to his neighbor's co-workers, writing "Check it out. New family pic," in one Feb. 22 e-mail. Several such e-mails were sent to co-workers at the large Minneapolis law firm where the neighbor worked, according to court filings.

Ardolf also posted child pornography to the fake MySpace page. "I bet my co-worker that since I'm a lawyer and a darn great one that I could get away with putting up porn on my site here," he wrote on the page. "I bet that all I have to do is say there is plausible deniability since anybody could have put this up on my site."

Again using the hacked wireless connection and a fake e-mail address, Ardolf also sent out death threats to Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and an unnamed Minnesota senator. "You guys better start watching your back," he wrote in the May 6 e-mail. "I'm coming for you all. I swear to God I'm going to kill you."

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